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First and foremost the events are there to stimulate thought, to educate and to assist you to progress and grow your business in the most effective and profitable way possible, but they are also designed to be enjoyable, so don’t think for a moment there’s any ‘stuffiness’. Good business is done, but fun is had as well. 
Along with business focused events with speakers who present subjects such as marketing – practical marketing, ideas you can take away and use tomorrow, selling – usable skills, ideas to help you sell more comfortably and efficiently and a host of other subjects ... we also have social events and party nights where you can let your hair down. 
Inevitably, at every event, networking naturally goes on, that’s what happens when anywhere between 25 and 35 business people get together in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 
Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to meet and do business? 
Monday 2nd September 
at The Bell Inn 
6 p.m. - 9 p.m. 
Speaker Event 
Trevor Burfield from  
Training & Consulting for Business 
Developing Your Value Proposition 
Your clients buy "what's in 'it' for them"! Your value proposition will help you identify and communicate the value of your offering to your customers and enable you to charge what you are truly worth! 
It will increase your revenue for no extra cost and make you more profitable. 
Our speaker is Trevor Burfield from Training and Consulting for Business.  
From Pepsi to Goodyear, Trevor has learnt the art of selling and built a successful international career on winning with the customer. After three decades of selling he's now applying his knowledge and skills to developing talent in a range of organisations. Trevor's experience spans selling to customers ranging from corner shops to global giants such as Toyota and General Motors. His focus on win-win outcomes is based around putting his trainees at the heart of the customer's business, helping businesses understand their key differentiators and how to maximise revenue. He defines this as the 'The Value Proposition'. 
In the first half of this session you will learn: 
What is a value proposition? 
Why every business needs one? 
The three components of a VP. 
In the second half you will start to develop your own value proposition which you can finanalise and implement back in your business. 

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