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First and foremost the events are there to stimulate thought, to educate and to assist you to progress and grow your business in the most effective and profitable way possible, but they are also designed to be enjoyable, so don’t think for a moment there’s any ‘stuffiness’. Good business is done, but fun is had as well. 
Along with business focused events with speakers who present subjects such as marketing – practical marketing, ideas you can take away and use tomorrow, selling – usable skills, ideas to help you sell more comfortably and efficiently and a host of other subjects ... we also have social events from golf days (for golfers and non-golfers) to party nights where you can let your hair down. 
Inevitably, at every event, networking naturally goes on, that’s what happens when anywhere between 25 and 55 business people get together. 
Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to meet and do business? 

APRIL 2017 

Monday 3rd April - 6 p.m. 
Speaker Event 
How To Get The Best From Telemarketing! 
The focus of this presentation will be to demonstrate how versatile telemarketing is and where it should fit within your overall marketing activities.   
The presentation will cover how to get the best from your telemarketing and share best practice and useful tips. 
Our speaker, Tracy Marshall (Dip DigM) has 25 years’ proven experience of telemarketing, having set up an in-house telemarketing team in her early 20s.    
In 2007 she launched her own business specialising in telemarketing services for SMEs.   
In 2015, after nine months of extensive study, Tracy gained the IDM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing through The Institute of Digital & Direct Marketing. 
Some of the subjects Tracy will cover :- 
Where can you go to find your prospective customers? 
What are the main telemarketing services? 
Why do many telemarketing campaigns end in disappointment? 
Significant benefits of having a CRM 
The benefits of integrating with other marketing activities 
Telemarketing Best Practice & Useful Tips 
Setting goals & objectives 
Understand your customer needs 
Tuesday 25th April - 6 p.m 
NEW Event 
Who Are You? 
Elevator pitches with a twist! 
The aim is for you along with everyone else to go away with at least one introduction and/or referral. 
BEDFORD - The Barns Hotel 
Wednesday 5th April - 6 p.m 
Group Discussion 
Managing Your Business For Profit 
Most of us tend to measure our growth on increases in revenue – however, the primary aim of being in business is profit. The sales value of your business is also based largely on profit. 
This group discussion will encourage everyone to share their tips and thoughts on how you can improve profits effectively – i.e. with as little extra effort as possible by working smarter. 
BEDFORD - The Barns Hotel 
Monday 24th April - 6 p.m 
Speaker Event 
Being The Best You Can Be! 
This is a phenomenal evening that could change your whole approach to your business, your job and your life! 
Our speaker, Kim Coley, will show you how the brain works, how that influences your behaviour and how you can dispel deep seated 'self limiting beliefs' to be more positive, less stressed and happier. 
The overall outcome of this is that you become more attractive to all the people you interact with - customers, suppliers and on a personal level. 
Our speaker, Kim Coley, heads up a brand new 'Wellbeing Centre' called Soul Happy. The centre is Kim's brainchild, providing programmes to companies and individuals using a solution focused approach to help people be their personal best. 
Kim is passionate in her pursuit to bring mental and physical health. She is a great speaker, truly knowledgeable, energetic and entertaining. 
Come along with an open mind and prepare to be impressed! 

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