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First and foremost the events are there to stimulate thought, to educate and to assist you to progress and grow your business in the most effective and profitable way possible, but they are also designed to be enjoyable, so don’t think for a moment there’s any ‘stuffiness’. Good business is done, but fun is had as well. 
Along with business focused events with speakers who present subjects such as marketing – practical marketing, ideas you can take away and use tomorrow, selling – usable skills, ideas to help you sell more comfortably and efficiently and a host of other subjects ... we also have social events and party nights where you can let your hair down. 
Inevitably, at every event, networking naturally goes on, that’s what happens when anywhere between 25 and 55 business people get together in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 
Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to meet and do business? 

JULY 2017 

Monday 3rd July - 6 p.m. 
Speaker Event 
Facebook - Friend or Foe? 
At this evening's event we will take a fascinating look at how Facebook impacts people through comparison (self against others) and how this can sabotage personal esteem and success - plus some tools that can help. 
Our speaker this evening, Hannah Little is a qualified barrister and worked for 15 years with the world's top investment banks including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. Her roles were primarily involved with the US and global equity markets. 
Hannah has moved on from the banking world to become an entrepreneur with several businesses and a large property portfolio.  
She is also an ambassador speaker for a programme called Wealth Dynamics. 
BEDFORD - The Barns Hotel 
Wednesday 5th July - 6 p.m 
Speaker Event 
The Relationship Between Money And People 
At this evening’s event will we take you on a fascinating exploration of people and how they relate to money. The old saying 'the love of money is the root of all evil' may be true however we all want more of it - that's why most of us are in business; and yet, most people when asked why they run their own business answer with:- to control my own destiny; to create my own work/life balance; to choose the people I want to worth with etc. These things may be true but we also want money! 
So why is it people don't say so? The reasons run deep and understanding these reasons will really help you convert more 'suspects' to 'prospects' to 'new clients'. 
Our speaker tonight is Shaz Nawaz - an authority on what makes people tick, business strategy and business growth. 

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