Connect with us on LinkedInBedford NetworkingOur members are progressive and are part of go-ahead businesses who come from the heart of the local business community in Bedford and the surrounding area. 

Our aim is to build meaningful relationships between local companies to the point where they “do business together”- not just sell to each other but help each other sharing problems and successes.

Spending time with like-minded business people is invaluable especially in a warm, friendly environment where people want to share their problems, their successes, the way they do things- you realise you’re not alone, they have all the same issues as you.

We have bi-weekly business events with top quality speakers and workshops helping you continually increase success in your company. And what’s more we promise to give you the environment to create success - new sales, new ideas, improved management, continued learning and perhaps most important - stimulation from spending time with positive, like-minded people

Brian Soanes

Brian Soanes

I have the best job in the world!

I meet hundreds of different business people, one man bands to CEO’s of multi-nationals in just about every industry you can imagine - and do you know what? Just about all of them have the same motivations, fears and frustrations- they’re all human beings first and business people second. Helping them link up to identify opportunities and “do business together” is hugely satisfying.

The original Business Club in Peterborough which I still run has over 200 member companies. Over the years they have done millions of pounds worth of business together; in fact, 92.7% of them attribute at least part of their success to their membership.

My team and I get our kicks from making things happen - we haven’t got a magic wand, but we do have lots of very successful members who want to continually grow their knowledge and share it with others.

Finally, I believe that business should be FUN - I spend a lot of time at work, I want to enjoy it or I’ll find something different to do and consequently, we won’t let miserable people join The Business Club- after all, running your own business does allow you to choose your customers.

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