First and foremost the events are there to stimulate thought, to educate and to assist you to progress and grow your business in the most effective and profitable way possible, but they are also designed to be enjoyable, so don’t think for a moment there’s any ‘stuffiness’. Good business is done, but fun is had as well.

Along with business focused events with speakers who present subjects such as marketing – practical marketing, ideas you can take away and use tomorrow, selling – useable skills, ideas to help you sell more comfortably and efficiently and a host of other subjects ... we also have social events from golf days (for golfers and non-golfers) to party nights where you can let your hair down.

Inevitably, at every event, networking naturally goes on, that’s what happens when anywhere between 30 and 185 business people get together.

Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to meet and do business? Yes? Then select the club you want to go to (on the left) and click on "Future Events"

What people are saying about us ...

At my first meeting, I picked up an enquiry that was worth £6000... more

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