Businesses that want to GROW join The Business Club for 4 great reasons:

1. To get more business

As a ‘go-ahead’ business you need to continually generate new sales and that’s what members tell us is the number one reason they join The Business Club. It is because of that reason that membership of The Business Club is...

2. To raise your profile in the marketplace

Selling your products and services is so much easier if your prospects are already aware of your company, they recognise your brand, and they have an understanding of the value of what you offer.

As a member of The Business Club the profile of your business will be raised through...

3. To build strategic alliances with like minded businesses

Strategic alliances can be an extremely powerful way for you to gain access to new business opportunities, opportunities you certainly would never have had. They can take several forms such as...

4. To develop new ideas, new skills and profitable processes

As business people we are all limited by our own experience – we don’t know what we don’t know! It is for this very reason that The Business Club ensures that...

What people are saying about us ...

I just wanted to take another opportunity to thank you for the warm reception of the Cambridge branch of The Business Club yesterday. You have clearly built a thriving and vibrant club... more

Each session is a mix of fun, lively discussion and a great opportunity to build meaningful business relationships. The Business Club Leicester is just that:... more